One of the funniest people in the world

by Chris Walden

It’s been a joy to watch the 2015 Magic at the Capitol show come together. I’m especially pleased to discover that our MC will be the hillarious Ian Varella. I’ve personally know Ian for several years. I spent some time tinkering with ventriloquism and continue to do puppetry. I was pointed to Ian and he was instantly wonderful. In our first call we laughed together for an hour.

Photo of Ian Varella with one of his charactersIan has a quick wit that is always turned on. Lunch with him is a constant exploration of one-liners and what ifs that makes it an instant party…even if all the people around us trying to enjoy their Chinese food didn’t realize they were going to be invited.

On stage, Ian channels much of  this creative energy through his alter-egos. It’s not easy to work a puppet and make it feel like a completely different person. Ian does this masterfully, and it’s easy to forget that the person, or thing, that he’s talking to is actually a part of him. I love it!

As MC, I don’t know how much we’ll see from his different characters. I do know that it will be lively and funny! So, here is your first reason to buy tickets immediately for this show. We sold out last year, and I’d hate for you to miss it. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with emerging details.

Photo of Chris WaldenChris Walden has been an entertainer since he first played a lonely valentine in a second-grade play. He’s been the Sea World Magician, the Majic 95 magician and performed for many, many private and commercial events. His is proud to produce the Magic at the Capitol show with some of Austin’s most talented entertainers.