Entertainment for the entire family

by Chris Walden

Finding family entertainment isn’t easy. It seems that most of the movies coming out are PG-13 or more. When my daughter was younger I tolerated a lot of things that didn’t really have me in mind because, well, you do it for your kid. It was always thrilling to find something that engaged our whole family, that grabbed our imaginations and not only gave us some distraction for a while but made for hours of sharing and conversation afterward.

When I was approached about stage managing the Magic at the Capitol show in 2014, I was thrilled! It was live theatre with something for the whole family, featuring talented entertainers from throughout Texas, in the gorgeous Scottish Rite Theater.

We sold out both shows and they were fantastic. There is a power in live theatre that many people no longer get to experience. There is a connection between the performers and the audience that can never be achieved on a screen. More than that, the performances reached people on a number of levels. They weren’t childish shows that parents endure for the kids. They were funny and amazing performances delivered by talented artists.

We’re doing it again. This time my role has changed. I’m not stage managing, I’m helping to produce the program with the help of an enthusiastic team of performers and theatre people. I think that this year is going to be even better. Come and join us, May 2, for an event that will take you away from the politics, from the news, from all the things that are pulling on you right now. Let us take you on a real magic carpet ride.

Tickets are on sale now and will go quickly as the word gets out. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Photo of Chris WaldenChris Walden has been an entertainer since he first played a lonely valentine in a second-grade play. He’s been the Sea World Magician, the Majic 95 magician and performed for many, many private and commercial events. His is proud to produce the Magic at the Capitol show with some of Austin’s most talented entertainers.