Magic at the Capitol!

One day only: May 2nd, 2015.

Children’s Matinée: 3:30 pm $5 children/$10 adults (Buy Now)
Evening Show: 8:00 pm, $15 children/$20 adults (Buy Now)

If you like MAGIC, here’s some amazing news:

Award-winning magicians from all over Texas are converging on the capitol city on Saturday, May 2nd, for two fantastic family-friendly shows, sponsored by Austin’s Ring 60 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

There will be a Children’s Matinée at 3:30 pm and an evening show at 8:00 pm.

Both shows are an amazing combination of Austin weird, Branson wholesome, and Las Vegas exciting! And ticket prices are surprisingly low, to make the shows available to everyone.

You will love seeing magic the way it was meant to be enjoyed, live and in a 100-year-old vaudeville theatre in the heart of downtown Austin: the beautiful Scottish Rite Theater. Watch for more details on this site as they become availble.

Austin is the live music AND MAGIC capitol of the world!

Enjoy a world of magic and wonder with star performers in the Capitol City.